Table Reservation System

Restaurant reservations first began with managers, hostesses, or other staff  taking phone calls and penciling in names and times on paper. This took away a lot of time from staff members who could be clearing tables or helping customers. However, as technology advances, and more and more people have constant access to the internet, so our solution is ready for you to make the process quicker and more convenient for both the restaurant staff and customers. This solution will allow online restaurant reservations, which will work on a restaurant’s personal website through our service. Here you can also able to run you campaign to drive more sale, last but not the least our solution will help you to get the guest feedback and many more things.

Application should provide following facilities:


  • Restaurant will list their various Food and Beverage facilities in the website .
  • Each outlet will have the location information with table placements and total capacity
  • Menu will be listed as per the respective specialties of restaurants ,so that customers get s the information on the culinary expertise.
  • Customers sends the request for the table with number of persons and      time they are expected to arrive at the premises.
  • Restaurant I/Reservation In charge gets the notice on his mobile/tab/system .
  • Restaurant /Reservation In charge confirms the request based on the availability of table at respective restaurant.
  • On Arrival of the customer will provide the information of reservation and they will be given the reserved table. And Many More….

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