Feedback Management

Feedback collected from your guests will help in evaluating the current performance of your property and services you are offering to your guests. Whether it is positive or negative, feedback is used to understand the satisfaction level of your guests and strategize the steps necessary to be taken to enhance the performance.

So, CogwavePMS feedback management solutionwill empower you to manage and deploy your guest surveys centrally ensuring all the important points will be taken care. Our solution is a kind of tool for you which is designed to collect, distribute, and analyze feedback data so it can be turned into strategical decisions for future developments. In addition to that, the software also enables the provision of roles and authorities to a different level of users.

Why Our Feedback Management Solution ?

Improvement in your feedback Survey -80%
Improvement in the property performance -75%
guest satisfaction can be measured easily -90%
Guest feel that they really value for you -95%
guest experience you can make best -70%
enhance in guest retention-98%
Better business decisions -100%
Value in Units 100%

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