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This module will give extensive business analyzing ability to revenue monitoring individual.


  • Develop direct business association with Business associates.
  • Have exclusive rate contract with associates
  • Provide rates like seasonal, special offer and performance linked Incentive.
  • Continuous monitoring of business generated by the individual associates.
  • Assign Sales executive to handle associates based on the geographical limits to follow up the sales generation.
  • Communicating the associates regarding our special offers time to time
  • Providing individual browser windows providing login facilities.
  • Link the reservation to channel manager.

Associates will have direct access to:

  • Booking Engine.
  • Information on business generated by them.
  • Outstanding due or in credit, if advance payment is made.
  • Payment Engine.
  • Invoice statement with GST details.

How beneficial to service provider

  • Monitor the business generated be associates.
  • Assign the responsibilities to sales team, by handing them associates to handle them and keep in good books.
  • Communicating the associates by bulk e-mail and SMS, informing them the special offers, if any, in one go.
  • Monitor the outstanding amount due by individual associates.
  • Assess the performance of Sales team by reviewing the sales generated by respective associates assigned.
  • Flexible information with graphical analysis.

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