Mr. Hemchandra Shrivastava

Interview with Mr. Hemchandra Shrivastava, On Hospitality learned “Do more with less.”

industry VIEWS: Do you believe that this pandemic taught hospitality do more with less ?

Mr. Hemchandra Shrivastava: Yes, this pandemic teach us a lot as there is a tremendous impact on hospitality worldwide. Our industry is fighting for survival from the corona pandemic. Restrictions on travel, closures of transportation etc has led to a 50% to 60% decline of international tourist arrivals. Approximately between 45 million to 60 million global jobs at risk due to the pandemic. As the Covid-19 started, hotel occupancy was immediately dropped to nearly zero. Hotels were forced to try and test new approaches to maintain their cash flow.

So, we had learned many things and the most important is- do not depend on so many or extra things for the work which can be manage easily or with a little extra effort. This will actually open the door of building smart resources.

industry VIEWS: Who is the best friend to achieve this smart resource concept ?

Mr. Hemchandra Shrivastava: The one and only friend is technology, but we need to use this in a better way.Technology is helping the hospitality and tourism industry to speed up the operations and other departments.

Recently I saw one of the post of Cogwave where they shared the concept of Touch free Food delivery solution and the best part is that hotels and restaurant can limit their dependency on food delivery partners and increase their revenue So, the revenue goes up as dependency goes down.


So, this is the best example of building smart resources if we use this kind of technology.

industry VIEWS: According to you what is the basic role of new technologies used during the pandemic

Mr. Hemchandra Shrivastava: The fundamental role of information and communication technologies is to facilitate business transactions and communicating relevant information to decision-makers.


industry VIEWS: Are there any challenges to build these smart resources with new technology?

Mr. Hemchandra Shrivastava : See, every technology have their pros and cons, whether it’s old or new technology. So we always need to take care on each aspect of anything. There is nothing specific on this theory. As we know NO PAIN NO GAIN, so we need to step out to change the world and the future of hospitality

Mr.Hoshiyar Singh

Corporate IT Manager
Struggle is important to get the strength for future, we will see the SUN again soon ” Mr.Hoshiyar Singh

Mr.Arvind Raj

Corporate IT Manager
“Success Mantra: Need to act as per the innovative world but along with our traditional culture.” – Mr.Arvind Raj

Mr.Lallan Gupta

Corporate IT Manager
industry VIEWS: Sir, as an IT manager of such a prestigious hotel, as per your view what is the role of technology during this period and how it will support in future and is there any challenge also expecting?

Mr. Hemchandra Shrivastava

Corporate Information Technology Manager
industry VIEWS: Do you believe that this pandemic taught hospitality do more with less ?

Mr. Devendra Malik

Managing Director
We industry VIEWS a unit of Cogwave PMS today got an opportunity to talk to Mr.Devendra Malik MD of Nadiya Parao Resort the best resort in Jim Corbett a luxury

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