Mr.Devendra Malik

Interview with Mr.Devendra Malik MD of Nadiya Parao Resort on Crisis Management

We industry VIEWS a unit of Cogwave PMS today got an opportunity to talk to Mr.Devendra Malik MD of Nadiya Parao Resort the best resort in Jim Corbett a luxury property, alongside the magnificent river Kosi at just 5 minutes’ drive from the Bijrani Safari Zone of the Jim Corbett National Park.

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industry VIEWS: Dear Mr.Malik firstly we congratulate you for running such a beautiful property

Mr.Devendra Malik: Thank you.


industry VIEWS: Will you please share the status of northern India hotel industry under the COVID-19 outbreak?

Mr.Devendra Malik: As we all know that northern India is a hub of tourist spots, so footfall of tourist is the major source. So the Northern India hotel industry under the COVID-19 outbreak has declined to an all-time low tourist footfall. Domestic Travel now will play a major role in the crises management

  • 60% to 80% of hotel operators shut down during the nation-wide lockdown period.
  • 40% to 56% hoteliers believe that key business cities are likely to an early pick-up.


industry VIEWS: Could you please share the specific challenges you faced and what was your plan of action to overcome and will it become useful?

Mr.Devendra Malik: There are so many challenges we faced but the most critical was to circulate revenue, but we didn’t give up and we did transformation in our services according to the situation demands and the results is also very positive as all are guest are still with us.


industry VIEWS: As per your experience during this pandemic, what are some important factors determining hotel industry trends after the outbreak?

Mr.Devendra Malik: This pandemic will remain in our mind and behaviour for long time may be till our next generation or beyond that and this will definitely impact on our global economy and especially in hospitality industry. Industry need to act as the changed behaviour & habits of guest where they will be more conscious towards their health safety and here the Touch free solution will play a very important role, so we must be aware while choosing PMS.


industry VIEWS: We heard that you treat your employees as your family member and take care of all of them during this pandemic time as well.

Mr.Devendra Malik: Yes, you are very true from my point of view a good bonding plays a very existential and important role to make any relationship strong. And with strong relationship weather it is personal or professional you can achieve any heights in your life. I am a strong believer of this theory.


industry VIEWS: How much time it will take to recover this damage once this pandemic get over?

Mr.Devendra Malik: Oh! This is a question for which everyone needs an answer. I just say that we need to plan very carefully and opt for right solution which helps us to make right decision while keeping our guest in mind at right point of time.


industry VIEWS: Nowadays it is very difficult for big brands as well to sustain in the market what do you think on this?

Mr.Devendra Malik: See, it’s not about big or small, yes it is a big task to deal with this situation but from my point of view its totally depends how effectively we manage the crisis, and I must say technology will play a crucial role in this so we need to be very alert.


industry VIEWS: As per your point of view will now it be more easier to run budget properties if we compare it with other segment or its just depends on proper planning?   

Mr.Devendra Malik: As I sayit’s not about budget property or any other segment, well execution is more important with proper planning you will go up to any level.

Mr.Hoshiyar Singh

Corporate IT Manager
Struggle is important to get the strength for future, we will see the SUN again soon ” Mr.Hoshiyar Singh

Mr.Arvind Raj

Corporate IT Manager
“Success Mantra: Need to act as per the innovative world but along with our traditional culture.” – Mr.Arvind Raj

Mr.Lallan Gupta

Corporate IT Manager
industry VIEWS: Sir, as an IT manager of such a prestigious hotel, as per your view what is the role of technology during this period and how it will support in future and is there any challenge also expecting?

Mr. Hemchandra Shrivastava

Corporate Information Technology Manager
industry VIEWS: Do you believe that this pandemic taught hospitality do more with less ?

Mr. Devendra Malik

Managing Director
We industry VIEWS a unit of Cogwave PMS today got an opportunity to talk to Mr.Devendra Malik MD of Nadiya Parao Resort the best resort in Jim Corbett a luxury

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