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Interview with Mr.Hoshiyar Singh on The impact of Covid-19 on Hospitality Industry

“ Struggle is important to get the strength for future, we will see the SUN again soon ” Mr.Hoshiyar Singh

industry VIEWS: Mr. Hoshiyar, you are a corporate finance manager at Dewdrop a leading Hotel Group, what is the question that currently disturbs you most?

Mr.Hoshiyar Singh: There are many questions, but the most important one is how our economy and industry re-boost as quickly as possible? The standstill situation is very dangerous for the industry. Funds are running out, employees are very worried. We need be very careful and manage the resources very smartly and carefully.

industry VIEWS: How well-prepared was the hospitality industry for a crisis like this and for the 2nd wave and what we learned from the 1st wave?

Mr.Hoshiyar Singh: Actually this is a very good question, when it started last year we are actually not at all prepared so we were worried but no one could have foreseen the scale of this crisis, especially the effects and the speed at which it has occurred. The hospitality industry, been the most impacted globally by the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

There are several lessons which we learned from the 1st wave which actually helping us now at this point of time during our 2nd wave struggle period:

  • Work life balance
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Re-strategizing the things as per the fast moving technology.
  • Hygiene factor at guest areas and staff areas.
  • Multi-skilling and multi-tasking
  • Larger customer segmentation by including domestic market as well.

industry VIEWS: The hospitality industry is very demanding for highly qualified professionals. Is the Corona crisis now putting an impact on this trend?

Mr.Hoshiyar Singh: I really don’t think so. The hospitality industry is always a growing and demanding industry for qualified people as per the market trend and we always look the positive side of the situation so for us this will open new opportunities for digital marketing people.

industry VIEWS: The industry is currently in crisis management mode. If you look to the future, post-Covid, what trends do you see?

Mr.Hoshiyar Singh: The opportunities will boom for domestic tourism and day tourism.

Mr.Hoshiyar Singh

Corporate IT Manager
Struggle is important to get the strength for future, we will see the SUN again soon ” Mr.Hoshiyar Singh

Mr.Arvind Raj

Corporate IT Manager
“Success Mantra: Need to act as per the innovative world but along with our traditional culture.” – Mr.Arvind Raj

Mr.Lallan Gupta

Corporate IT Manager
industry VIEWS: Sir, as an IT manager of such a prestigious hotel, as per your view what is the role of technology during this period and how it will support in future and is there any challenge also expecting?

Mr. Hemchandra Shrivastava

Corporate Information Technology Manager
industry VIEWS: Do you believe that this pandemic taught hospitality do more with less ?

Mr. Devendra Malik

Managing Director
We industry VIEWS a unit of Cogwave PMS today got an opportunity to talk to Mr.Devendra Malik MD of Nadiya Parao Resort the best resort in Jim Corbett a luxury

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