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HR and Payroll management for Manpower hiring, Management is an Integral part of any establishment today Cogwave Software helps business to seamlessly manage Hr functions, Payroll for all establishments. It has capability to track attendance thru’ biometric or other means with enough security controls. Generation of Salary& wage sheet at the click of a button is another important feature along with Leave & Staff Accrual reports. It helps in systemizing your hiring & firing procedures. Helps with payroll related returns and taxes. Other notable functions include complete management of ESI, PF, LWF and other labour taxes and statutory requirements. Challans for all payments is generated for record keeping. It is possible to process labour laws forms and returns from inside this module.

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  • H R Management
  • Hiring Process
  • Payroll Generation
  • Operational and Biometric Attendance and Tracking
  • Update Accruals / Payables / Payments to Financial Accounts
  • Resume Collection
  • Generation of Returns / Challans for Payment
  • Accidents / Maternity Leave / Labour Reports & Returns
  • Shortlisting / Interviewing / Offer
  • Appointment / Confirmation of Service
  • Employee Attendance /Tracking
  • ESI / PF / PT / LWF / IT Etc. Administration
  • HR Master Reports
  • Updation to Financial Accounting

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