Food Delivery Solution

Cogwave PMS food delivery solution will boost your business prospects as you would reach the tongue tantalizers of your guests through the fastest route by providing a personalized service at user’s devices.

Our solution, enhance the technology at your restaurant business by integrating, optimizing and streamline the entire restaurant process.

Start from the table waitlist turnover to dinner table analytics and more to let you provide remarkable service to guests.

Cogwave PMS serve the touch free food delivery restaurant solution so that you serve your guests better.

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There are 3 users:

  • Customer
  • Admin
  • Delivery Boy

Facilities for Customers

·          Quick login

·          Intuitive dashboard

·          User friendly interface

·          Advance Food search

·          Place order

·          Payment options

·          Reorder

·          Order history

·          Offers and coupons

·          Ratings and review

Facilities for Admin

·          Dashboard

·          Control center

·          Menu management

·          Order management

·          Analytics and reports

·          Customer management

·          Create and manage Offers and coupons

·          Content management

·          Feedback management

·         Delivery Boy management

Facilities for Delivery Boy

·          Quick Login

·          Order Assigned Details

·          Order Processing Status

·          Customers Details

·          Order Pickup

·          Delivery Status

·          Payment status (On Delivery/Already Paid)

·          Collection Details (If on delivery)

With our solution you will get below benefits

more guest order - 75%
more local area coverage - 80%
more revenue you will generate - 58%

Unit Value 100%

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