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Technology has transformed the working of today’s restaurants. Digitalization is what has taken over. Restaurants have adapted new methods of technology, whether we talk about the kitchen or the front counter, everything is transformed. What customers look for is good food, nice place and high-tech methods.

A hard copy of the menu is being replaced by digital menus. The digital menu is easy to access and can be customized, hence gives a better experience to the customers.

QR code based digital menu system offers robust features that not only help your restaurant to update the menu anytime but also improves the customer’s overall dining experience. Our solution provides a user-friendly interface offering easy navigation and browsing.

Key benefits

(a)- Detailed menu: With our solution, you can present your dish in a detailed manner. Details include ingredients, nutritional information along with the preparation time. This gives a clear picture to your guests about your food items, nutritional value, ingredients, and preparation time. Furthermore, they can customize their dishes as per their taste and can opt for special flavour.

(b)- Easy Ordering: Customers don’t have to wait in lines to place their order, instead can order directly from our solution.

(c)-  Reduction in manpower: With this solution, your guest get the liberty to choose their favorites and place their orders. As guest will be ordering on our solution, you can reduce your overhead costs by freeing your staff to entertain your guests. Not only this, but your guests can also pay digitally via this solution.

(d)- Cost-effective: You don’t need to design and print the digital menu whenever changes are made. You can easily edit and update the restaurant menu anytime. It helps you to save money and paper. You don’t need a new menu every time whenever you make changes. All you need to just update your menu and serve your customers better.

(e)- Reduces Manual Error: As customers place their orders themselves, so the chances of manual errors become negligible. This makes the process fast and avoids any miscommunication between the staff. Customers can place orders directly, so the possibility of sending the wrong orders to the customers reduces.

Placing a digital menu at your restaurant table let your customer order and reorder as per their convenience.

(f)- Help in upselling: Adding high-quality food pictures to the digital menu you can allure your customers to buy that food item. It provides an interactive experience to the customers. You can display your promotional deals and combos to increase sales.

For instance, display a picture of a burger with fries this will entice the customers to buy the same. Installing an intelligent menu at your restaurant will help you boost your sales.

(g)- Manage Content From Anywhere: It gives the liberty to configure and monitor a network of the digital menu from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Through drag and drop interface your content manager can access the digital menu and make the necessary changes.

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