Cogwave PMS CRS is a web-based Central Reservation Software System providing the hotel chains a real-time reservations for central room booking. Our CRS provides a real-time room inventory of all properties on a single screen there by enabling you to cross sell the room inventory.

This system will automate bookings of all your properties centrally through the Internet.
Cogwave PMs CRS will maximize room revenue by managing multiple hotel room inventory by choosing any property on a single screen. This will support  to do reservations from your corporate office or property level or at any other location world wide through Internet.

Reservations can be made from anywhere to any of your property 24 x 7 X 365. All the bookings will be updated to your property system real-time. So no need to do room reservations at the property level if already done centrally it will save a lot of time and double work & finally improves the efficiency in room booking process.

 Group Level Report: Cogwave PMS supports group level reports which helps management team to take better decisions below are few of our group level reports for reference:

  • Business source report
  • Company contribution report
  • Month wise room position
  • Market segment report
  • Sales executive report
  • Business on book
  • Flash report
  • Manager report
  • NCK summary
  • Occupancy Analysis report
  • Occupancy statics
  • Reservation report


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