Guest behavior remain volatile, but post Covid the primary mindset to choose a hotel to stay or restaurant for having food will not be the budget primarily it will shift to health, safety, distance and peace of mind

More than anything, guests will be looking for the place where guests can enjoy their get-away without risking in-person contact with staff and other guests is officially the new Covid-era luxury. By using Cogwave touch free PMS all these are possible which enhance an innovative guest experience. Contact Less Check-in will become the customer’s new

Your guests now no longer need to wait for or call out to busy steward/waiter:

Cogwave Contact Less Ordering solution will change the restaurant experience and our approach is to comfort guests, keeping their health and hygiene in mind as nowadays, the time which is going on in all over the world. Many big and expensive restaurants have contact less ordering in place when you sit down for a meal. Our

Guest will become now more safe and secure through Digital check-in and most importantly it will change the guest experience

The hospitality industry still reeling under the effects of huge public health scare, requires innovative approaches to comfort guests, keeping this in mind, Cogwave PMS offers a unique touch-free technology. Guests can now check-in now through their mobile and tablets. Digital check-in and check-out will support safe, secure and convenient experiences for all the guests before, during

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